DropStop® - The sealing additive

After years of use, elastomere sealing materials will become brittle, that means the softeners
contained in the material will evaporate. This process is intensified by the constant change
between hot and cold during engine operation.

As a result the shaft seals will loose their elasticity and tension. The material becomes hard
And in the end it even cracks may develop, causing considerable oil loss.

DropStop contains the softeners for elastomeres that have been lost in a high concentration
And gives them back to the sealing material thus making shaft seals flexible and oil tight
Again. NOTE: If the seals show any cracks a complete remedy is no more possible!

DropStop is especially suited as a prophylaxis for vehicles and machines of more than 5 years
of age.

Technical benefits

  • Shaft seals will become elastic and reliably oil tight again.
  • Wear of shaft seals is compensated for long terms.
  • Oil loss is reduced or entirely stopped for protection of environment.
  • Blue exhaust smoke is reduced or eliminated.

Practical benefits

  • Time-Consuming and expensive repairs can be avoides.
  • Hardening and Shrinking of elastomeric seals is prevented.
  • Seals will slightly swell, compensating possible wear.
  • Shaft seals will return to full function, provides there are no cracks.

Financial benefits

  • In many cases expensive repairs can be avoided or at least delayed.   
  • Especially with leaking power stearing devices the use of DropStop will be
    profitable, due to the fact that usually there is only an exchange of parts offered, at a price of appr. 650.- to 950.- EUROS.
  • Suitable as a prophylaxis for machinery of age.